Attività di GQRP per la Giornata Internazionale del QRP

Il 17 Giugno è anche la “nostra” giornata: La giornata Internazionale del QRP
GQRP, il principale Club dedito al QRP ha organizzato una serie di attività.
Metto qui sotto il comunicato ufficiale che ci è stato girato da Enzo M0KTZ.

Per eventuali chiarimenti contattatemi.

The GQRP Club invites all the QRP enthusiasts to a line-up of QRP
activities, to salute the arrival of the new season. Details below.
There will be plenty of puny signals out there, starting this weekend,
so switch your rig on, get on the bands, fly the QRP flag, and have fun.

  • 17th June, International QRP Day. Almost two dozens Club members
    will activate the Club callsign G5LOW (England), together with
    its regional locators GM5LOW (Scotland), GW5LOW (Wales), Gi5LOW
    (Northern Ireland), GD5LOW (Isle of Man), and GU5LOW (Guernsey). All
    bands, from HF to UHF, and all modes (CW, SSB, AM, FM, and several
    digimodes), throughout the day. Just look out for the “LOWs”.

  • 17th June, the Club also runs the Suffolk Trophy, an activity
    reserved to members, with operation for six hours only in no more
    that two periods. Contacts are with any Region 1 country; normal QSO, no
    serial numbers. Each Region 1 country counts 1 point on each band. The
    total score is total of IARU countries on the bands used. Only one
    contact per country per band is allowed irrespective of mode. The other
    station may be QRO. Please log Name, address, call, power used,
    equipment, time, call & band for each contact.

  • June 17th to June 25th. It’s time for the Summer Sizzler, a relaxed
    get-on-air QRP event, an ideal opportunity to meet and greet new and
    old friends, to test our latest homebrew creations, and to fill the
    bands with friendly QRP activity. Several certificates are awarded for
    contacts made using only homebrew equipment (Busy-Bee), only QRPp power
    levels (Tiny-Flea), only vintage rigs (Old Beetle), and while operating
    /P or /M (Iron-Knee). The special Ladybird certificate is awarded to the
    best log submitted by a member who has been licensed for less than three

The best overall log will be awarded the First GM3OXX Memorial Trophy.

72/73 de Enzo M0KTZ
as GQRP Activity and Communication Manager

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Accipicchia, il 17 (e 18 giugno) ci sono una marea di iniziative, ma io sarò entrambi i giorni ad un tour in moto in Garfagnana, peccato per la radio.