Non è un nostro evento ma è fatto con lo stesso spirito. Per partecipare bisogna essere soci di G-QRP ovviamente (e dai… iscrivetevi anche da loro, merita).

Dear QRP lovers,

the fact that here in Southern England the daffodils are blossoming
already means just one thing: Spring is closing in, and with Spring
comes better WX, and with better WX comes a lot of QRP /P activity!

This Spring the GQRP Club is happy to invite you to the:


This is a new Club Activity that will run between Good Friday and Easter
Monday, both included (29th March to 1st April 2024). This activity is
focused on Egg-xpeditions, namely /P, /M and /MM operations run by one
or more QRP enthusiasts who are GQRP members.

Your Egg-xpedition does not need to be to a far-away exotic place: your
backyard, a park near home, a SOTA reference, or just a field in the
countryside are all good enough for the aim. There are not even limits
on duration (anything from a couple of hours to a 4-days camping
adventure), or number of participant to each Egg-xpedition (anything
from a single operator to a gathering of a dozen or more QRP nuts will

The whole point is getting out of the shack, practising setting up an
efficient QRP station in the field, honing our /P skills in a fun and
friendly environment, and having fun on the bands with like-minded ham

Just get in touch with one or a few QRP enthusiasts and Club members in
your area, novice or veterans, sporty or lazy, and organise your own
very special Easter Egg-xpedition. If you do so, just announce your
planned Egg-xpedition by sending an email to me, or by replying to this
email. You can also use the reflector to find potential Egg-xpeditions
companions in your area!

Those of us who will not be in the field, will still be at work as
Egg-chasers. A list of all the announced Egg-xpeditions will be
circulated through the Reflector in next three weeks.

Appreciation certificates will be sent to all the Egg-xpeditions
announced in advance of the event. We will also have awards for the best
Egg-xpedition team and the best Egg-chaser. Logs and Egg-xpedition
reports to be sent to me by April 15th.

“Jooooooohhhhnnn!!! Get out of that daaaaaamn shaaaack!!! It’s Easter
Egg-xpedition tiiiiiiiime! Come ooooooon! Take your daaaaamn rig and a
wire and get lost in the fields like nooooooowwwww!!!”

72/73 de Enzo M0KTZ